Sunday, 13 February 2011


Feb New Moon, Second Photo in this year long SAL - despite my lamp packing up, there are actually a fair few new threads in there - lot of mark up threads from 12 Days of Christmas

Friday, 21 January 2011


Due to the restrictions of life in Saudi Arabia I'm doing far more cross stitch and came across the TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch A Long) yesterday and although the the offical start (6th Jan) has passed - thought I would take up the challenge as it is SO EASY. All I have to do is collect the bits of threads left over in a jar/container and take a picture every new moon.

I've choosen my Rock Bottoms glass to start with, although based on the amount of stitching I'm hoping to do this year think I might fill it before the end of this stitch along

The TUSAL is run by It's Daffycat

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

One Last Hurrah!!!

wasn't possible to think of heading off on my next adventure with out one last weekend of indulgent dancing (not going to be much of that in Saudi ;) )

And what an indulgent weekend I got, not only of dancing but of wonderful old & new friends from all around the country!!!! at Mariachi's first weekender!!!!

So many fun dances, so many lovely chats, and some very sweet and treasured farewell tokens, and support at a difficult time.

After 2 nights of luxurious freestyle, 2 days of teaching workshops the icing on the cake was the wonderful after party full of giggles and nibbles, and the cherry on top was breakfast the day after with some very special friends.

couldn't think of a better Last Hurrah!!!!

Up to speed 2

well it's been nearly a year since the last the last time I brought this blog up to date so here we go - and I have much more reason to actually stick with my resolution to keep this up to date as I'm off on a great big adventure!!

since last time the following has happened

  • have become an Aunt!!
  • been offered and accepted a job with Saudi Aramco
  • departed the UK for Aus (just 3 days shy of my visa expiring it turns out)

and now I am in Aus waiting for my Visa to Saudi Arabia to finalised.

I'm going to be working as a secretary on the western side of Saudi Arabia - not exactly sure where as yet.

For those that know my family - Sister, Hubby and my darlin neice are in Sydney and have recently bought a house, and Parents are currently traipsing around the US of A on their way back to Aus.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Perfectly delightful

Travelled up to Aberdeen last Sunday night for a Blues Party - had originally planned to do the entire blues weekend but my budget put its foot down so had to settle for just the Sunday night and it was SO worth the 2 hours each way and 3.30am bedtime!

The evening was lovely and chilled with the nicest of vibes – very relaxed and just the antidote I needed. Was lovely to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen for awhile including Lucky had been teaching the blues workshops over the weekend. Lovely dances, delicious cakes and delightful company and decadent blues music– the perfect combo.

And although rather later heading home the drive flew by with a fun chattering passenger – Lucky I’ll go on a road trip with you anytime!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

up to speed

Well it’s been awhile – and it’s not that I haven’t written things to post here – but that I haven’t posted them.

But given that yesterday (12 May) my was my 3rd anniversary of arriving in the UK I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and start writing and posting – even if only short bits – hoping this will also motivate me to get my camera out more often – as I have been sorely remiss.

Right to get things upto date (I do have a plan to post some of the posts I have written but not posted but you know what they say about plans ;) ) so without further ado since I last posted the following major things have happened

  • Applied for and got a full time job
  • moved to Edinburgh

Hmmm well that is pretty much it – still dancing way to much – and driving all over the countryside to do so – this month being a prime example – first weekend of the month was in London for the Ceroc Champs, last weekend I was in Torquay for a MJ & Tango weekender – am SO getting into Tango at the moment and this weekend am heading south once again this time to Oxford to teach a workshop and attend a ball.

For those that know my family – my sister and her husband have moved to Australia – were in Melbourne in the family home but now in Sydney for a little while as that is where the work is. And the parental figures are still in the UK.

Monday, 30 April 2007

weekend of shiny new toys

Friday I got my first shiny new toy – a new mobile – I’ve been using cast off phones for the last 18 months since my photo committed suicide by jumping out of my handbag onto a concrete floor. I am now the proud new owner of this lovely piece of shineness

Still learning how to drive it – and for the first time ever I don’t hate predictive text – just got to learn how to accept the word offered LOL

The other piece of fabulous shininess is a 30GB black ipod – I have been lusting after one of these for years now and on Sunday morning bright and early – way to early really considering I got to sleep at around 3am - I was given a wee little box which contained the wonderful shineiness that is my ipod. And a special thanks has to go to my Dad for saying lets get the 30 GB rather than the 8GB, but it was Mums idea in the first place and Sis was the one that actually went to the shop to get it so special thanks to all of them – it was a fab birthday pressie – and I don’t think I’ve ever had one that was such a team effort

Monday, 19 March 2007

Amazing Day!!!!

Blackpool Comp was amazing - the venue was the Tower Ballroom - which is like the mecca of ballroom dancing here.

The day was the usual mix of waiting around and frantic activity - but with plenty of great company and lots of lovely dances to be had - the waiting around wasn't so bad :)

It was great to see friends from all over the country side and put more faces to forumite names.

CJ & I both entered Lucky Dip & Advanced. I had fun in Lucky Dip but didn't make it past the first heat - CJ however was blessed by the gods of dancing with the divine Miss Yuko as his partner and made it all the way through to the Finals and placing 3rd a fabulous achievement!!!

Unfortunately we didn't do so well in Advanced - didn't make it passed our heat - but we were happy with how we danced and most importantly we didn't fall over. We got some lovely compliments on both our dancing and our costumes. To be honest the music for our heat was rather odd compared to the other Advanced heats - and no couple from our heat went through to the next round which really surprised me as there were some impressive couples in our heat.

Despite being rather ill I held up fairly well until we had a fire drill - in which we evacuated the building in record time - but the standing around outside didn't do me any favours and once we were allowed back inside there was only time for a few dances before it was time for presentations - by the time that was all over - well i was done in and headed home early - which was a shame - but with an early start on the Sunday well it was all for the best.

Photos @ Kodak